Rad Tech Specialties

09/14/2014 00:00

rad tech patients1) When you get done with radiologic technology school as a basic entry way, you can then specialize in to CAT scan, MRI, interventional radiology or angiography; there are so many multiple imaging modalities that you can go into and different physicians use those imaging modalities to help them care for patients in different ways.
2) I find that this field is unique because you can travel down so many different roads, if you wanted to do CT or MR, or if you wanted to go into the CAT lab and work strictly with hearts and there’s interventional radiology which looks at blood vessels and it’s…there’s so many different areas that you can go into and I think that’s very challenging and rewarding at the same time.
3) If someone were to get involved in CAT scan that’s actually using three dimensional cuts of a person’s body, it’s basically taking X rays which are two dimensional and it goes around the patient’s body, shooting X rays all the way through so you get a three dimensional look of the patient, the software in computers today takes those images and can reconstruct them into any three dimensional format so that the physician can look at it from many aspect on a computer screen.
4) There are other options there; radiation therapy is one of them that treat cancer patients by shrinking tumors with radiation treatments, also nuclear medicine is another one where they actually inject nuclear radioactive medications into your body and then they image the specific organ that the medication goes to, that’s pretty cool and that takes a little extra schooling, about a year extra, there are other options, my mammography is well known.
5) MRI is a similar imaging modality to CAT scan and that it creates three dimensional images but it’s with use of magnets, those magnets could actually flip some of the molecules in the body so that it uses those molecules in the body as contrast agents.
Woman 1: That’s probably one of the best things about X ray, about radiology is that once you have that X ray license, you can go anywhere with it, lots of options.