How is Your Job Different?

10/09/2014 09:32

I would say we’re very in close proximity with the patient but we’re not as intimately involved as say a nurse would be or the physician. We do communicate with the patient, we are letting the patient know what we’re doing with them or to them but that’s pretty much it where our job is concerned. Rad tech get the images for the physicians and the nurses that need them, we show them the images and that’s kind of it with the patient.

A lot of times when you come in to a situation you might be in the trauma room for instance and you’re side by side with the physicians who are caring intimately for that patient, there’s a lot of noise going on around you, a lot of action going around you and you have to be able to focus in on that patient what you need to do for your job to get that doctor the images they need to care for that patient in a timely manner.